Custom Board Artwork Review Fee

Purchase of your custom board will cost $50 for artwork review (non-refundable).  If the artwork only requires minimal correction, there is no additional charge.  If artwork changes are needed, the customer can resubmit their artwork after recommendations are made at no additional cost.  For us to change your artwork, these are billed at $50/hr prepaid (if the customer wishes to proceed).  
Total costs (boards at standard website pricing):
  • 1-20 boards: plus $250 Artwork/Graphics Fee  
  • 21-50 boards: plus $150 Artwork/Graphics Fee
  • >50 boards: FREE Artwork/Graphics 
(Example:  5 individual boards with custom print = (5 x 24.99) + $250 = $374.95 (plus tax and shipping))
  • Customized orders have a 2-4 week lead time (longer lead time may be expected if ordering > 250 customized boards).
  • Click here for image quality information or if you have questions for our graphic designer.

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