DOWNLOAD THE FULL APP FOR FREE. It's our gift to you. Stay safe warriors!
DOWNLOAD THE FULL APP FOR FREE. It's our gift to you. Stay safe warriors!



The concept of the Warrior Board Game and APP came to inventor Taylor Blankenship while working on his family’s business of training elite special operations military personnel.  Taylor was looking for a fun way to engage in high-intensity exercise to build himself as an athlete.   

TANOEX orchestrated a team of top-tier youth & adult athletes, military/tactical athletes, exercise science graduates, physicians, and sports management/speed and agility specialist to work with Taylor to create dynamic workout experience.  This experience will certainly aid athletes to reach the next level in their game. Just looking for fitness? You will see gains in strength, agility, and overall conditioning with regular use of the Warrior Board Game and APP.

Pick Your Game Board:

INDIVIDUAL (1'x 1'):
The WBG individual boards are our most popular board.  Smaller and more compact for travel, but with the same intensity as our coach/trainer/family sized boards.

COACHES (2' x 2'):
Our Coaches’ board is also our Family/Trainer size.  This board allows easier recognition of where your opponents are on the board and this will speed up gameplay when groups are playing.  Teams will likely find this a better option for group participation.

Large enough to use at a training facility or gym.  As with the Coaches Board, the increased visibility makes this board the optimal choice for large group participation.


  • (1) 4'x4' Facility Board
  • (2) 2'x2' Coaches Boards
  • (10) 1'x1' Individual Boards
  • (20) FREE app downloads (APP Release July 2018)

Pick Your Intensity Level (Average Play Time):

Our standard board games (Level I-II) only require towel, water, and your Warrior Board Game.  They can be completed in a room smaller than 20’x20’.  Level III adds in a chair, step, or elevated position to target some different muscle groups.


  • Level I  (10-15 minutes)* 
  • Level II (15-25 minutes) 
  • Level III (20-40 minutes) 
  • Functional Fitness (20-40 minutes) - additional equipment necessary

Coaches can vary the workout to create different experiences each time the game is played.  Regardless, with one purchase, it is statistically impossible for one athlete to have the same workout twice.   

Videos show proper technique and each exercise has easier variation. 

* Just because Level I is our entry/beginner level, don’t underestimate it…
it is still an INTENSE workout experience!

Interested in our semi-custom board themes?

View Our Themes 

Build Speed, Strength, & Agility in
a highly competitive environment.